Things to do and see in Mauritius

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Mauritius:  She prides herself as “the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”, she is an Island that used to be the only known home of the Dodo bird. She was named in honor of the Price Maurits van Nassau, the stadhouder of the Dutch republic.

Mauritius became an independent state on the 12th of March, 1968; and a republic on the 12th of March, 1992. She hasn’t an official language per say, but in her parliament English and French are spoken as the official languages. The general public find a tongue from between Mauritian, Creole, French and English.

The state capital which happens to be her largest city is called Port Louis. The country is estimated to have a population of 1,291,456. Several ethnicities make up the populace of Mauritius, mostly people of Indian, African, Chinese and European descent. This thus is the reason for the multi lingual abilities of most of her people.

It’s wonderful weather and fantastic selection of beaches are heaven for honeymooners and water sport lovers.  Check out its beautiful white sandy beaches and restaurants and cuisine.  Mauritius offers a shopping paradise with great value for reasonable prices.

She is situated at some 2000 kilometers off the south east coast of Africa, surrounded by beaches and Lagoons. There is a very large coral reef which surrounds the Island (the world’s third largest coral reef). The environment of Mauritius is typically tropical, especially within her coastal regions, with forest in the Mountain area. This affects her climate, thus she experiences two seasons, a relatively warm and humid summer which runs from November to April, and a relatively cool but dry winter that spans from June to September. One can enjoy great warmth in Mauritius between January and February, while it becomes real cool between July and August.

Mauritius’ upper middle-income economy thrives majorly on tourism, textiles, sugar and financial services; she has no exploitable natural resources, yet she has one of the most stable economies in Africa; and her Per capital income is one of the highest in Africa.

Tourism is at its peak in Mauritius, she has one of the world’s top luxury destinations, with a broad spectrum of natural and man-made attractions; ranging from her sub-tropical climate coupled with the clear and warm sea waters, then to her captivating beaches, tropical fauna and flora. Her welcoming population with its multi-ethnic composition adds flavor to the beauty of this nations tourist attractions. It is worthy note that Mauritius received the World Leading Island Destination Award about three times and World’s Best Beach at the World’s Travel Awards in January 2012. It’s little wonder why Mauritius gets to see a lot of visitors especially from France, Reunion, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, India, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, China and Russia.

The hotels in Mauritius have been built to suit the taste of the foreigners that troop in yearly into the country. The transport system in Mauritius has been well planned to enable tourist gain access to all the beautiful locations in the country. Her lovely cultural heritage has a perfect blend of African and European flavors.

A five star treat awaits those who visit this country that prides herself as the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean.