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Things to do and see in Nigeria

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Nigeria:  officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital TerritoryAbuja. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. There are over 500 ethnic groups in Nigeria, of which the three largest are the HausaIgbo and Yoruba.

The British colonised Nigeria in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, setting up administrative structures and law while recognising traditional chiefs. Nigeria became independent in 1960. Several years later, it had civil war as Biafra tried to establish independence. Military governments in times of crisis have alternated with democratically elected governments.

Nigeria is roughly divided in half between Christians, who mostly live in the South and central parts of the country, and Muslims, concentrated mostly in the north. A minority of the population practice traditional and local religions, including the Igbo and Yoruba religions.

Nigeria, known as “the Giant of Africa”, is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. Its oil reserves have brought great revenues to the country. Nigeria is considered to be an Emerging market nation by the World Bank.[11] Nigeria’s economy is the second largest in Africa, and the 37th largest in the world as of currently. Nigeria has been identified as a regional power, it also has regional hegemony, and major influence within its region.[13][14][15] It is listed among the “Next Eleven” economies. Nigeria is expected to become the largest economy in Africa overtaking South Africa in the near future and become one of the world’s Top 20 economies by 2050.

Nigeria is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations, and the African Union.

The country is rich in natural beauty like, long blue beaches, rivers and lakes, forests, breathtaking views of the waterfalls and soothing environment. The natural beauty is a main factor behind the up- gradation of Nigeria tourism. Tourism in Nigeria is growing rapidly and it is among the tourism industry is a good revenue earner for the country. Nigeria has a wide range of tourist activities to offer. It is a coastal country and the main attraction for the tourists is the long beaches and the marine activities. Apart from this, the other attractions are the historical monuments, exciting trips to the tropical forests, exploring the wildlife, art and culture and the lifestyle of the country.

Traditions and culture of the country represents the simplicity in the lifestyle of the dwellers.The markets of Nigeria showcase the handicrafts and sculptures, the hotels and other accommodation facilities represent the warm hospitality and local customs and the calm and peaceful environment enhances into the beauty of the country. These factors make the memories of Nigeria tour everlasting.